Lice Lifters in New Jersey get dozens of calls each week from frantic parents asking how to stop the itching. First we tell them that only 50% of people itch from lice and that they have to get treated. Secondly, we inform them that the over the counter products like Nix and Rid not only don’t work, but they will aggravate the itchy scalp more. They are pesticides that lice are resistant to and they are toxic.
After that conversation families want to come in to Lice Lifters in Cranford to be treated with our all natural products and treatment that will guarantee the lice will be gone. We have a unique process that will eliminate all lice and nits. The problem with doing it yourself and Nit Pickers is if 2 nits are missed – they are going to hatch and then your child is going to have what you think is new lice when in fact it the same lice they had before but it just hatched out of your kid’s head and is now crawling around again.
Call Lice Lifters in New Jersey, our Cranford location for the #1 lice treatment available. 908-967-6121 or check out our website for a location near you.