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No doubt, this is an itchy and gross blog.  In our lice treatment centers we get a lot of questions about “the other kinds of lice”, head lice is bad enough but here is information on body lice and the lice “down there”, pubic lice.  People are often concerned when they have head lice that they could have the other two types of lice. Great news, they are not related to each other.

The commonalities of the three types of human lice are…

  • They are all parasites
  • They all feed on human blood
  • They are all transmitted by close hair-to-hair or body-to-body contact
  • They do not fly or jump, they just crawl
  • Pets do not get human lice of any kind

Head Lice

  • Lay eggs on the hair shaft
  • They spread through head to head or hair to hair contact
  • Anyone, of any age, any race, or any background can get lice
  • Can be found just on the scalp and hair shaft
  • The best, safest cure with a 99.9% success rate is Lice Lifters’ Triple Threat Treatment or The Nit Nanny Treatment Products

Body Lice

  • Lay eggs in the seams of clothing
  • Spread through close, person to person contact
  • Usually homeless people are infested with body lice due to the fact that they do not change their clothing.  So this is the only lice that has to do with poor hygiene
  • The only form of lice known to spread disease
  • Best cure for body lice; since they spend more time on clothing and they only go onto their host to feed, wash clothing and linens in hot water to rid yourself of body lice. If that is not enough, in addition to washing cloth items, you can also rub The Nit Nanny Lice Solution all over the body, leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off.  Throwing out clothing for larger infestations may be necessary.

Pubic Lice

  • Lay eggs on course pubic hair, armpit hair, beards, mustaches or eyebrows
  • Spread through sexual contact
  • Only adults get pubic lice since they attach to course body hair
  • Called crabs due to their shape.  They look like tiny crabs
  • Best cure is to shave our use The Nit Nanny Lice Solution every 3-4 days for 12 days

Sorry this has to be such a gross blog but I hope it helps to clear up some of the uncertainties between the 3 different types of lice.  I hope you experience none of them in your lifetime but remember that only the sweetest people get head lice!

Ilene Steinberg, CEO Lice Lifters Franchising


Lice in the Bible

As Passover is upon us, we remember that lice is the 3rd plague (lice is called Kinem in Hebrew). As much as we would like to deny lice is an issue, the reality is that lice has been around as long as humans can remember.  Lice appear in the Bible, they have been found in ancient tombs and have been noted throughout history.

In the story that is told during the Seder the Egyptian sorcerers were able to mimic some of the plagues proving that Moses’ G-d was not all-powerful.  When it came to the 3rd plague of lice where G-d made lice from the dirt of the land the Egyptian sorcerers were unable to replicate the lice epidemic, recognizing the lice outbreak as the act of a superior power.

Today, we are dealing with the plague of super lice.  Lice have many generations in a short period of time and they evolve quickly.  Lice evolve to protect themselves against pesticide and chemical treatments.  However, lice cannot grow resistant to the Triple Threat Treatment that Lice Lifters has developed.

Have an enjoyable Passover and a Happy Easter and do your weekly head checks until your kids go to college!

By, Ilene Steinberg, CEO Lice Lifters

It’s very common to want to know where and when you got lice.  We treated a family in the treatment center today that just returned from Disney World.  The mom was sure her family got lice on vacation.  Just about every family that we treat is anxious to know how long they’ve had lice.  They typically think that they’ve had it for a few days to maybe a week.  When they find out the reality they feel blindsided!

By the time someone in a family is itchy it is likely they have had lice for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.  At the first sign of itching, often mom will switch shampoos or come up with a good reason why they have an itchy scalp.  Commonly, a visual head check may take place at this time as well.  Without knowing what to look for nothing is found.  So more itchy days go by and more family members or classmates are at risk. Them bam!  A bug!   Now it’s obvious why they were itchy.

The 2 kids in this sweet family we treated today had all stages of live lice and hundreds of nits.  When we told mom and dad their kids had lice for 3-4 weeks they were blindsided.  They had no idea that bugs were in their heads and going to town laying and hatching nits to their little hearts content.  This happens too often.  I wish I had video of this moment so I can replay it for the next family that gets blindsided so they know they are not the only lucky ones to get the lousy (pun intended) surprise.

How to reduce the blindside;

Be proactive, get educated and I hope your family is never a victim of The Great Lice Blindside!

Ilene Steinberg, CEO Lice Lifters

The reason we do not provide a lice treatment without a thorough head check :

The other day we had a client that came in panicked and in tears because the school nurse sent her daughter home due to what she thought was a “severe lice infestation”. When the mom brought her in, and we visually checked her daughter, her dark hair was covered in what at first sight looked like nits. But upon a thorough head check, it turned out she had no nits or live lice. It turned out to be hair product in the girls’ hair, that once dry, had coated the hair in a way that resembled the size and color of nits on almost every hair shaft. The mom and her daughter were very relieved, and that priceless piece of mind only cost her $25.00. Of course, we cleared it up with the school nurse, and the girl was able to return to school that same day. Another happy customer and no lice treatment required.

Judy Young, Owner Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford