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It’s bad enough to find out you have head lice but when you finally get rid of them you fear they are still there.  At Lice Lifters® we say the “lice are in your head instead of on it”.  Once you have experienced lice whether it was on you or your kids you have a heightened sense of awareness.  We often have moms call after they are treated because they feel “itchy”, think they see “something”, have been combing their children’s hair every day or continue their laundry and extensive house cleaning.

  • It’s common to be itchy after being treated since the lice bites can take up to one week to heal
  • No need to panic and check your kids everyday, our proven weekly follow up with a quick combing head check gives peace of mind in the future
  • Lice are not living in your house!  They can’t survive off of a human host for more than 24-36 hours. After treating with The Nit Nanny® Lice Solution Treatment the first time the house cleaning is done.  Hallelujah!

The truth is that the Lice Lifters Triple Threat Treatment is thorough and successful, so no need to worry. Our reputation depends on it.  Lice Lifters has many locations and is ready to help you.  With thousands of satisfied clients I hope this helps you to get over lice being in your head instead of on it!

By, Ilene Steinberg, The Nit Nanny, CEO Lice Lifters Franchising, LLC


Since camp is less structured and kids tend to live in close quarters head lice spreads more rapidly in this environment.  Most overnight camps do all-camp lice screenings on the first day.  If your child has lice you must pick your child up from camp, get him or her treated on your own, and only return upon an inspection which must be nit free or camp will provide a lice treatment service for your child and you will incur a fee.  Having camp deal with the situation is a great option! Keep in mind the rest of your family should also be checked.

Detecting lice on day one can save a camp from an outbreak. However, if a case is missed on day one (which is very possible since an early stage of lice is difficult to detect) it may not show up until week two or three.  By that time there is usually more than one kid in the bunk with lice. So you see how this can become a big problem even if your camp is on top of the situation.

Lice Lifters has a pre-camp kit that will help to detect and start to treat lice before you leave for camp so you can have peace of mind when sending your children off for the summer.

Have a great lice free summer!

Ilene Steinberg, The Nit Nanny & CEO Lice Lifters Franchising

School nurses are frustrated when parents assume that nurses give out the names of children with head lice. We know that school nurses are doing their best to help identify lice, and they want to get rid of it in your school as much as you do. What is most frustrating and detrimental in a lice outbreak, is, if the family with lice does not tell anyone ( keeping it a secret), including from the school nurse.

By not telling everyone that your child has lice, and clearly, he/she got it “somewhere”, you are putting all of your hard work and energy involved in treating your family at risk to be reinfested!.  Know that you got lice from “someone” and may have shared it with someone too! Don’t blame the school nurse..take on the responsibility and check your child’s head weekly!

Judy Young, Owner Lice Lifters of Chaddsford

Shout it from the roof tops!


Posted on: May 2, 2012

While it is true there is a bit of cleaning to do in your house if you and your children contract head lice, it is not as cumbersome as many people believe. Here at Lice Lifters we continually hear, “what about my house” and “isn’t it in my house”? Consistently we reply, “lice live on heads”.  Many people believe their children can “catch lice” merely from being at someone’s house where the children have or had head lice. Lice crawl from head to head or hair to hair.

We recommend vacuuming any areas which have had head traffic in the past 2-3 days, clothing which has been worn in the last 3 days should go in the dryer and wiping down leather surfaces with a basic cleaner. We also recommend putting bedding and/or clothing in the dryer for 30 minutes. Items which can’t go in the dryer can be placed in the freezer or set aside for 2-3 days.

The Lice Control Spray, which is sold in stores, is a waste of money in our opinion. Lice do not burrow so the vacuum and/or a wipe down of surfaces is all that is needed. In addition, do you really want to spray pesticides in your home around your children and pets?



Who gets lice?  Almost anyone with hair ¼ of an inch or longer is susceptible to getting head lice. How do we know that lice like sweet people?  We’ll get to that in a bit.  First some facts…

A person is only contagious with lice from a fertilized female louse.  She is the one that lays nits (lice eggs).  Nits represent future generations of an infestation.

What are Lice?

  • A louse is one bug, lice are plural. Nits are the lice eggs
  • Lice feed on human blood 5-6 times a day for a few hours at a time
  • Lice are wingless bugs that range in size from as small as a pencil point to the size of a small ant. (2mm to 4mm)
  • A fertile female louse can lay 3-5 waterproof, hard to remove nits 2 times a day
  • Lice do not jump or fly, they only crawl with their 6 legs which have claws at the end designed to cling to the hair shaft
  • Nits, once removed from the head are harmless

How you get head lice

  • More than 90% of lice comes from head to head contact with an infested person (hair touching hair)
  • Sharing items like brushes, hair accessories, dress up clothes, hats, or helmets
  • Children working together in small spaces where heads touch
  • Hugs (don’t give up hugging, just be proactive)
  • Cloth seats in the movie theater, on a bus, train, or plane (unlikely though as only abut 2% of lice are from the environment)

So how do we know that only the sweetest kids get lice?  At Lice Lifters Treatment Centers we have treated over a thousand of the cutest families.   These families have the sweetest kids.  That’s how we know only the sweetest kids get lice.  So if your child ever asks “Why do I have lice?” you can say, “Because you are sweet.  Lice only like the sweetest kids.”  We also find that Moms are sweet enough to get Lice about 80% of the time but Dads only get it about 10% of the time!

Be proactive by doing weekly combing head checks on your sweet kids until college!

The Nit Nanny, CEO of Lice Lifters