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The children who are coming home from overnight camps on a daily basis are spreading their unwanteds among us. So while it’s great seeing our children for the first time in a long while their re-entry into our homes isn’t so wonderful now. Head lice is among us!

A nit(lice egg) takes 7-10 days to hatch after being laid. If your camper was “checked” visually after their camp session ended and did not have an advanced head lice case, it may have been missed. The little buggers could still be waiting for the right moment to hatch. Don’t stop hugging your children, just start checking them with a good metal lice comb, on a wet head, for lice and/or nits.

We have also seen an increase in head lice cases at day camps. Why? As camps get into their 5th and 6th weeks the head lice cases are becoming more advanced and the lice is spreading from child to child easily.

We all want to enjoy our summer evenings so if we are proactive and perform weekly head checks we can take care of head lice “situations” before they become head lice “frustrations”.

-Elizabeth Mishkin, Marketing Director

Lice Lifters LLC


Although factors such as hair texture may make African-Americans less likely than Caucasians to get head lice, they are not immune to becoming infested.
This week we had a 9 year old African-American girl with massive amounts of hair being treated for lice. The girl had lice for at least 2 months, and her mom was surprised that she had lice. It took a lot of The Nit Nanny Mint® Detangler Spray and a whole lot of brushing and combing, but we got the job done, and the girl was very sweet and patient. One more lice myth debunked.
There are a number of possible explanations for the low infestation rate among African-Americans. One factor is the difference in hair characteristics between Caucasian and African American children. Head lice have problems latching on to curly and kinky hair. In addition, African American hair is more elliptical than Caucasian children’s hair and head lice find it difficult to hold onto the elliptical hair. In Africa, where the percentage of children with head lice is higher, lice have adapted their claws to better grasp elliptical hair. Another explanation is that African Americans are more likely to use Vaseline, pomades, and hair gels. These products make the hair less hospitable to head lice.

So yes, it is a lot less likely for African-American children to get lice, but it does happen as we found out first hand. Anytime there is a head lice outbreak at a school or other social setting anyone who has been in close contact with the affected individual, no matter what their race, should carefully check the hair and scalp with a metal lice comb, to make sure none of the little critters have set up camp.

Irina Aleynikova, Lice Technician

Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford

Lice Lifters® provides one quick treatment and DONE! Our Triple Threat Treatment is the most efficient, effective way to treat head lice AND their eggs. As your partner in lice, we provide easy instructions on how to clean your house and teach you how to detect and prevent lice in the future.

By the time most families come to Lice Lifters® Treatment Center they have tried several treatments to get rid of their lice situation on their own. They have already done a tremendous amount of house cleaning. They have tried and re-tried the pesticide over-the-counter products and a variety of home remedies. Even after putting up a good fight most people find that they still haven’t conquered their head lice infestation. This leaves them very frustrated and desperate for their lice problem to be over – yesterday!

This is a common story that we hear from our clients. They come to us thinking that they are the only ones who have spent so much time and effort spinning their wheels only to find their lice situation unresolved. Here is a list of treatments that our clients have tried using to no avail:

  • Rid
  • Olive oil
  • Nix
  • Mayonnaise
  • Vinegar
  • Ovide Rx
  • Listerine
  • Ulesfia Rx
  • Cetaphil

Live lice can and often will survive these “remedies”. Most of these treatments have no effect on the nits (lice eggs) even with multiple applications. The combs some treatments supply are an ineffective tool to use to comb out all the lice eggs and unless ALL the bugs are killed and ALL the eggs removed you could start over again at square one!

Call us first! We’re your lice solution!