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As you and your family finish your vacations with family and friends don’t risk bringing home more than memories.  Be sure to check your children’s heads with a good metal comb for lice.  Performing weekly head checks throughout the school year are recommended.

If you find even 1 nit, you need to…

  • Treat properly using safe and effective products (be wary of OTC products that contain pesticides, lice have grown resistant to the pesticides)
  • We recommend The LouseBuster™ treatment, a revolutionary way to desiccate nits so they will not hatch
  • We also recommend the products used in our service, The Nit Nanny® products. Check our website for retail stores or order by going to the products tab of this web site
  • Communicate with your community, car pools, play dates, school, teams, family and friends that you have lice
  • Relax! Lice are harmless, just a nuisance. They have been around a long time. You will get rid of them

How to do a visual head check

  • Check clean dry hair in sunlight or bright indoor light
  • Inspect small sections of hair 1/4″ – 2″ from the scalp
  • Look for tiny unmovable teardrop shaped nits, varying from cream to brown, on hair shaft
  • If found treat properly and tell school, friends and family to check as well

How to do a Combing head check (This is the best way to check if you have a good metal nit comb)

  • Perform on damp or towel dried hair and make sure it is free of tangles
  • Section hair by clipping hair on top of the head leaving 3-4” of hair down in the back of the head at the nape of the neck
  • Start combing with the metal nit comb by very gently scraping the comb along the scalp and dragging the comb all the way to the end of the hair shaft-be sure to comb in 4 directions
  • Wipe the metal nit comb clean on a white paper towel after every few strokes of the comb
  • Inspect paper towel for nits or lice (If unsure what you are finding, click on Nit Support to learn how we can inspect it for you.)
  • If found treat properly and tell school, friends and family to check a few times for 3 weeks

Elizabeth Mishkin

Marketing Director

Lice Lifters 


September is Head Lice Awareness Month. Back to school time is the worst time of the year for head lice. Head lice cases have hit epidemic proportions as the over the counter products have become less and less effective. Children will be back in a classroom setting where head to head contact is inevitable.

Many families return from vacations just before school begins and what happened on vacation does not always stay on vacation.

Kids return to their classrooms filled with head lice. They begin sharing their lice with their friends as soon as school begins.  A few of the ways we pass head lice to each other.

  • More than 90% of lice come from head to head contact with an infected person. (hair touching hair)
  • Hugs (don’t give up hugging, just be do regular head checks)
  • Children working together in small spaces where heads touch (books/hand held video games)
  • Cloth seats in the movie theater, on a bus, train, or plane
  • Sharing dress up clothes, hats or hooded sweatshirts
  • Lying on someone’s bed/pillow
  • Sharing brushes or hair accessories
  • Using someone’s towel
  • Sharing a batting or safety helmet
  • Trying on clothes in stores