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Head lice are not a symbol of poor hygiene or lower class. They affect children of all income, social class and cleanliness. The bugs can survive underwater for up to six hours, so kids who bathe on a regular basis are just as susceptible. Do you know what you are looking for? Most people feel helpless when they are told their children have head lice and a sense of panic ensues.

Treat them safely and effectively at Lice Lifters® Treatment Centers with the FDA cleared LouseBuster and our The Nit Nanny® Product Line. You will leave our centers confident that you have done the right thing for you and your children.

In addition, take reasonable steps to help prevent your children from getting head lice again. Advise your children not to share hats or helmets with other children. Check your children’s hair with a good metal head lice comb weekly for live head lice and/or nits.

Elizabeth Mishkin

Marketing Director