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So, do you let your children play with children who have been known to have head lice?

The answer is yes, but when they come home from the play date perform a thorough combing head check on your child(ren). Our The Nit Nanny Nit Removal Comb is an effective head lice detection and nit removal tool. We cannot shield our children from contracting head lice completely but we can take steps for prevention. In addition, using The Nit Nanny Mint Detangler Spray daily as a lice deterrent is also good for peace of mind.

At Lice Lifters we also suggest girls wear their hair pulled back in a bun or braid in order to lessen the chances of contracting head lice. A louse is transferred via head to head or “hair to hair’ contact.  Head lice cannot fly or jump from person to person.

Lastly, as spring helmet season is upon us, we suggest children have their own helmets for sports and biking. We suggest marking the helmet(s) clearly with your children’s name.

Happy Spring!

Elizabeth Mishkin

Marketing Director

Lice Lifters