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We often receive many questions here at Lice Lifters as to what is the difference between us and our nit-picking competition.  The story below will provide a good idea on how we work, One Quick Treatment. Done!

Last week we had a family come into our Lice Lifters® of Lafayette Hill Treatment Center be treated for head lice. Upon their arrival, we asked the mom if she had used any treatments prior to coming in.  She said that the previous week they were unsuccessfully treated by a nitpicker, or comb-out service.  A woman performed the service “in the comfort of their home”.   The Nitpicker combed-out the mom and 2 children with a nit removal mousse, using no killing agent for the bugs.

The nitpicker gave the family no instructions, tools, or post treatment instructions before she left. Over the weekend while the mom was getting her girls ready for bed, she found live adult lice. The mom called the nitpicker, who said that she would come back to perform another comb-out treatment. The nitpicker would charge additional fees to come back and “re-treat”.  Instead of having the woman re-treat, the mom called Lice Lifters® to help with the infestation.

When the family arrived at Lice Lifters®, we checked the family and both girls had nits and live lice. We treated with our FDA-cleared LouseBuster, which dehydrated all the nits and killed most of the live lice.  After the LouseBuster treatment our technicians preformed a comb-out of the dehydrated nits and dead lice.  We sent the mom home with the non-toxic, pesticide free The Nit Nanny® Lice Solution to kill any live lice that may have remained.

The Lice Lifters Triple Threat Treatment works the first time.  We save families time and aggravation.  The next time you need a treatment for lice, check us out:  We are here for you.


As teenagers everywhere prepare for prom season and graduation here are a few tips from Lice Lifters Treatment Centers to prevent your teens from contracting head lice. We often see girls putting their heads together in photos.  Most head lice cases stem from head to head or “hair to hair” contact.  Perform a combing head check the next day on a wet head with a The Nit Nanny® Nit Removal Comb.

How you get head lice
  • More than 90% of head lice cases come from head to head contact with an infected person (hair touching hair)
  • Hugs (don’t give up hugging, just do regular head checks)
  • Children working together in small spaces where heads touch (books/hand held video games)
  • Cloth seats in the movie theater, on a bus, train, or plane
  • Sharing dress up clothes, hats or hooded sweatshirts
  • Lying on someone’s bed/pillow
  • Sharing brushes or hair accessories
  • Using someone’s towel
  • Sharing a batting or safety helmet
  • Trying on clothes or hats in stores

Elizabeth Mishkin

Marketing Director