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From the time our children are born we are constantly teaching them that they need to share.  We schedule playdates for our children and place them in preschools and daycare centers.  We reward them with verbal phrases such as “That is nice sharing, Sarah!”   Well, we at Lice Lifters™ Treatment Centers believe that sharing is a wonderful thing, except, when it comes to head lice.

Today, in our Treatment Center we had a beautiful family in for head lice treatment.  The family had recently spent time with their cousins, who they just found out have an advanced case of head lice.  The children spent hours together playing, wrestling and sharing toys.  What the family did not know was they were also sharing head lice.  The family came to our Lice Lifters™ Treatment Center to be treated with the FDA-Cleared medical device, AirAllé™, The Professional Lice Device.

You might ask, how do I prevent my child from getting lice?  At Lice Lifters, we recommend limiting hair to hair contact between children.  Girls should wear their hair up, in braids, when possible.  Boys should not share hats or helmets, or play video games with their heads touching.  And tell those tweens and teens to be careful about touching heads when snapping photos with their smartphones!  Lice do not like the smell of peppermint nor citronella.  Our product line, The Nit Nanny™ Lice Treatment Line, offers a Mint Detangler Spray, which deters lice, while detangling hair.

If you or your children do some extra sharing with one another, you may contact our centers at for help.