Lice Lifters

Lice Freak-out

Posted on: April 20, 2015

Let’s face it people freak when they hear lice. Here at Lice Lifters in New Jersey we understand parent’s frustration about lice; but say they don’t need to worry. Lice are definitely a nuisance and annoying, but they don’t carry diseases. Many schools have new guidelines; parents no longer have to pick kids up from school when diagnosed with lice. When they are diagnosed the parents do freak-out.  Lice Lifters in New Jersey’s job is to calm everyone down.

Lice Lifters located in Cranford New Jersey, gets calls every day with moms at their wits end. They try to treat at home only to find out that at home lice treatments no longer work. Lice are resistant to the pesticides. Let Lice Lifters of North Jersey help control your freak-out. We use only all-natural products in our family friendly treatment center. Call 908-967-6121 to ease your mind.


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